Monday, May 03, 2010

May 2, 2010

With an overcast day, it was no surprise that the surf was kind of murky too.  The wind blew so much, my son's tie flapped behind him in the wind no matter which direction he was facing. 

While awaiting the oil, I'm contemplating the after effects.  The common question is what will our beaches look like?  How will the animals fare?  Coming from a preparedness perspective, I wonder:  What's our water going to taste like coming from the water table we're accustomed to drawing from?  What about the air we breathe?  Will we need to use those masks in our emergency kits?  (N95s are just for airborne particulates non-oil.  P95s and R95s are for use with oil contaminates with R being rated for longer term - 40 hours as opposed to the P95s - 8 hours). 

The flags are still waving red and purple (yes there are jelly fish out there right now).  In the coming days we'll see the double red flags which will indicate oil is indeed on the beach and a hazard.

Looking at the rainbow I'm trying not to forget the promise of old, the earth will never be flooded completely again.  However, while there may not be a flood of water covering the earth, plans still have to be made in preparation for what IS the future.  Noah didn't start building the ark AFTER the rain started to fall! 

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