Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Beach Watch

As we daily venture out to the beach, I'm enamored with the beauty.  Today, someone got there before we did and left the place covered with the evidence:

 seagull prints

and more proof:

sandpiper prints

One favorite pastime for my little guy is to chase the flying feathered friends and then laugh maniacally.  Today, I was able to enjoy the protected nesting birds undisturbed. 

 black skimmers

Hearing their chirps would really add to the experience, but you'll just have to take my word for it.  Someday we'll have the technology to add sound to a photo without video.  Until then, trust me when I say that I heard the birds WAY before I saw them. 

black skimmers close up as I dared

As we came upon another couple of visitors, I quickly shot this photo without permission.  It's a rule that if you choose to get married and flaunt it on the beach, anyone is allowed to take a peak.

As much as I enjoy seeing visitors at the main beach, this section is special.  What are they doing on Our sacred special spot of sand?  Well, since it is a very special day for them, we'll have to make exception.  Just this once.

But really what you came to see is the water; does it carry the slick oil yet?  Has that danger arrived? 

No, thankfully, we've been graced with another day of relishing the beautiful, soft, sand that meets the emerald green gulf shores and we basked in it for two hours before we remembered we were only going to be gone a minute.  The minutes continue to stretch as we soak in the proof that there is a God and He truly loves us.

We did have to go home and prove it to the starving man children at the house though:-)  Thankfully, they were rescued by my friend and chef extraordinaire who will be repaid with cupcakes for her deprived man children tomorrow.  Thank you Missy!

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