Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sew or Bake???

Today, my challenge is to sew or bake.  With no soccer, shopping, or traveling to do, I'm reduced to fun!  I happened to catch this corner of a photo:

Sweet Baby with Little Engine That Could in the back

and cracked myself up!  When the Cadillac of the Kitchen

Cadillac of the Kitchen (with Mrs. Crotchety in the background)

pushed the Little Engine That Could off the countertop, I thought for sure that I'd only drive the Caddy.  However, as you can tell, that Little Engine thought-it-could right into second position on my sewing table and has been basking in the background of my sewing experiences ever since.  Every now and again, he gets pulled into the kitchen to make my life easier or quicker.  With cupcakes, I use the Caddy for the double batch of frosting and Little Engine for the cakes (two different flavors, please).  What a great little helper my Little Engine is!  LOL  And still, my sweet backup sewing machine is in front position and today it beckons me like the good friend that it is.  With Mrs. Crotchety on the fritz again, I think a play date with Sweet Baby is in order.  Yippy!!!

Moda's Love It, Pin It, Win It Contest

Ok, so most of you know how much I thoroughly enjoy baking in the kitchen, but do you know that I'm totally in love with sewing???  Moda Bake Shop is a site I explore to see what others are doing with precut fabrics whose cuts are named after baking.  We have jelly rolls, honey buns, layer cakes, turnovers, etc.  (I'm still waiting for the cupcake cut as that's my favorite thing to bake.  Sweet, 2 1/2 inch circles is what I envision, ah, but I digress) Sewing "recipes" are shared, chefs are introduced, and shopping from the "bakery" is just plain fun. 

An example of precuts sewn together is Eli's Wheels Quilt:

Someday soon I'm going to love stitching this one up.  The colors are this years finest (juicy red and eyepopping blue, oh yeah!) from Moda's Ruby fabric .  I love how the quilt looks difficult to create, but when I review the pattern I can say with confidence, "Hey, I can do that!"  But the main reason I chose this recipe is because those pinwheels dancing across the quilt bring out my inner child and make me want to share that joy I feel with others.  (My niece, Robin, would love this one!)

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm a Winner!!!!

I want to dedicate this post to Lily's Quilts and The Running Chicken who have made my day.  Well, really, my week.  I won 19 fat quarters of this sweet Lotta Jansdotter fabric called Bella.  NINETEEN!!!  That's the whole line!

Lotta Jansdotter, Bella

Take a peak at The Running Chicken's quilting store where you too can scoop up on this or other luscious fabric.  A huge THANK YOU!!!!!!! to Lynne @ Lily's Quilts and Karen @ The Running Chicken for this very generous prize!  I'll surely be singing all day.