Saturday, July 28, 2012

From Sewing to Growing

It's been a week of sewing, cooking, and gardening (if you can call it that).  I love to create new patterns and this week was no different.  I made a flirty apron for a bride to be and was stitching right into her shower!  I was late, but the cupcakes weren't.  LOL  Right now I'm so very thankful that my son has a driver's license and can follow directions and is willing to help a gal out!  No picture due to the visualization that we don't want you to have!  And aprons lead right into cooking (even if they are flirty):

I'd love to say these MasterChef worthy eggs were his reward, but he wasn't home and doesn't like the runny part anyway.  My man and I were watching a new challenge on MasterChef where the chefs had to cook 4 perfect eggs:  poached, sunny-side up, soft boiled, and a 2 egg fluffy omelet.  Now, I often find MasterChef truly inspirational and this challenge was no exception.  The exception is I'm the only member of my family that likes runny eggs. 

 Ah, snack for one. 

Since we have sweet laying chickens, I was able to cook these up with fresh eggs (which means no vinegar or lemon are necessary).  And it's true, if one follows directions (I love Food Network!) to a T, one can have amazing eggs in 4 minutes.  

After checking out the sunny side of food, I went to check on another sunny side.  We planted 3 sunflower seeds that we hope will bloom just before it starts getting cool and low and behold, 2 of those babies started to grow!

I've carried my black thumb with me throughout many planting endeavors, and often get them to this point.  I sure hope I'm able to see this one all the way through to flourish.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goals: Take 3

Well, after all this time, I can now say I've finished.  Whew!  I guess setting deadlines on my blog didn't inspire me to finish quickly, but I did finish more quickly than if I hadn't blogged.  All that guilt making me hang my head kept tickling the back of my brain.  And now . . .

The Reveal:

My son is very into skulls, I think it had something to do with his high school mascot.  He is also a major paintball player.  He colors outside the lines and loves to be in the thick of it all.  This quilt is a reflection of all that.