Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thankfully Incorrect

Most days I'd prefer to be correct.  Today is not one of those days.  The "oil" I encountered a couple of days ago turned out to be left over asphalt from the hurricanes we've had over the last couple of years.  No, I don't ALWAYS have to be right. 

The sandpipers are coming closer and closer (to us) in their efforts to obtain a yummy meal.  Using a telephoto lens, I can't always snap a photo of them as they fly right up to us, but I can enjoy the rush.

It would probably help if youngest son didn't chase them up and down the beach.  They and the seagulls don't stand much of a chance as he's pretty fast and waves his wild arms like as if he's flying too.  He really makes me laugh.  I love THAT boy.

Some friends showed us a starfish caught up in one of the pools surrounded on three sides by sand (is there such a thing as a peninsula of water?).

We could even swim every once in a while if we weren't getting to the beach just before sunset.  Personally, the thought of being shark chum doesn't appeal to me.  You KNOW they're out there.  Remember Jaws?

Speaking of sunset, doesn't it set so pretty here?

I've seen so many sunsets:  the dusty brown-yellow in Texas; the magically tropical colors decorating the sky in Hawaii; the fastest sunset in the West in New Mexico; but I continue to love and be in awe of the decoration we have in the sky every (not rainy) night here in Florida.  And our friends in the background?  They humored us by letting us take a bijilion shots of them to get our lighting right on the camera.  Thank you good people:-)

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