Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Wait is Over

After such a wonderful, rejuvenating week of going to the beach each day, we were greeted by more than the usual birds, surf, sand, and shells.  It isn't a welcome greeting, but one that we knew would occur.  After watching the birds play at sunset this evening, the fishermen catch pompano, and the crabs burrow in the sand, my son and I came upon a dark "patch" of water.  We had already noticed that just on the beaches fringe black layers were stained on the sand, but this portion of the water confirmed it.  It wasn't floating on the surface the way I'd been expecting, but seemed to be cemented to the Gulf floor.  Yes, I did indeed pick up a piece of the black "rock" from the water and watched as it soiled my fingers.  Odd, we didn't even notice it when we first arrived.  After a phone call last night about the oil smell in the air, I thought we would smell that too, but we didn't.  In the days to come, I expect we'll see, smell, and even hear much about the oil on the beach and how "     "  (just name anyone) is to blame.  I really don't care who is to blame, I just want it fixed.  Right away.  By anyone who has the know how to do it properly, safely, and in consideration of the LONG TERM EFFECTS.  Today, we went for some bonding time, Mother and Son.  I sure love that boy.  Tomorrow we return to photograph.

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