Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hurlburt 4th Annual Craft Fair

Yeah!  My friend, Stacey, and I participated in our first craft fair and:  met some very nice artists, sold a few items, were invited to participate in another event and enjoyed our conversations.  Today was perfect; the wind blew, we were in a shady spot, and drinks and food were on the list that we checked twice!  We did not:  get sunburned, sweat to death, starve, or become lunch to too many ants. 

While we've been preparing for the Milton First Friday Fair for June (3 weeks away), this opportunity came up and fulfilling the legal requirements and designing and printing my sign and cards left me with too little time to create as many pieces as I would have liked.  Thankfully, I now have 3 weeks to prepare for the next event and the sign and cards as well as the legal requirements are complete which leaves me with much time to handcraft jewelry. 

Stacey's table was absolutely beautiful and many people stopped by to rate it "top show".  Others wanted to purchase her gypsy doll, which is NOT for sale:-) 

As a world traveler with connections in high places (her husband serves as her purchasing agent while on his excursions), Stacey's bohemian look is perfect.  Her jewelry shows hints of many nations and much skill.

A huge THANK YOU to Kelli for cricketing (yes, I did make that a verb) vinyl letters for my sign.

While it may change, it may not.  My favorite part is the Dangling D.  Have I mentioned how much I love the aquamarine blue and the chocolate brown together???  Too much of a good thing is . . . well, too much.  Leaving it bright and cheery and the color of a sunny day worth basking in appeals to me today.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Well, not really.  Dove chocolate made an appearance at the fair!!!  Can you believe it?  No way to forget that!  Mars Corp. decided to get into the home shows market in 2007 and is now offering ideas for chocolate creativity right in our own homes.  Can you say awesome???  This is so Bill Engvall-worthy.  Don't know who he is?  You Tube him; he's hilarious.  Anyway, I digress.  I have decided that a chocolate party is in order and will be sending out invites right after I set up an available date with the Dove consultant.  If I didn't think I'd munch up all the profits, I'd probably become a follower.  Groupie status will have to do:-)

I'm having technical difficulty with photographing the necklaces I have for sale right now, but the earrings photo did turn out:

That light box is going to make me sing.  Laaaaaaa!  I just have to find a box large enough to make one.  LOL


S.C. Whimsies said...

I SO enjoyed doing this with you. Your booth looked AMAZING and your jewelry was beautiful. They certainly attracted many oohhhs and aaahhhs. I can't wait for our next fair!

Kelli said...

Your sign looks great! Glad I could help