Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Look Closely

Okay, so we haven't felt the oil slick on our beaches . . . yet.  We have spent more time than ever feeling the sand between our toes though.  Such a wonderful feeling! 

We've also opened our eyes and seen the sights and this past week, what sights they were!!!  Do you see that?  Do you see what's in the water?

They are NOT stingrays!  Learned that today:-)  Manta rays in the water.  One of two fisherman on the shore:

I don't know what this guy was fishing for, but he caught one of the manta rays:

See it trying to swim away? 

A truly interesting creature:

The difference between a manta ray and a stingray (among other things I'm sure) is the way they eat.  A manta ray eats with both sides of its mouth, while a stingray's mouth is one opening on its underside.

Thankfully, this one got away!


The Griner Family: said...

We were on Navarre Beach that weekend!!!

MamaLadyBug said...

It was crazy that weekend, but right now, its simply gorgeous!