Friday, April 30, 2010

All That Glitters, Isn't Gold

Some folks like to run through life, blind to the view from their peripheral vision.  I hope and pray I'm not one of those people.  A friend awakened a glint from my periphery and so I'm walking on that path today.  Here's a peek of what's in front of my eyes: 

This one is for a well-respected sister in our ward that gives from the heart, faithfully.  She's also a sucker for pretties:-)

As an experiment, I tried out wire wrapping.  WHAT FUN!!!  Actually, my first version of this was a total flop, you don't even get to see it, but this one, well it turned out quite nice.

Preparing for prom!  What could be a more creative way to express how much you love your dress?  Adornment of course (ok, really creative would have been to make your own dress.  LOL)  We helped the young women in our ward prepare for prom by designing a few necklace models, then we showed them the beads.  Heaven help us! 

Those girls are just gorgeous, the adornment is merely decoration.

Beginning a new skill is always challenging at first, so I thought I'd take it up a notch anyway and combine two in one.  First the soldering, then the wire work and up came this little pretty. 


It's an interesting journey and I think I like it:-)  As I play, I'm finding what exudes beauty in my art is music, nature, and pieces and parts that evoke emotion.  Still finding my way, one piece at a time.


The Griner Family: said...

Wow! Those are incredible!!!

MamaLadyBug said...

Thank you!

Come home and I'll show you how to make anything you like, but we'll have to show you how to lock up your supplies too;-)