Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks

Open the door.  Thankfully, the opportunity was to teach high school students about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  First, the seminary teacher asked me WELL IN ADVANCE to teach.  Timing is truly everything and I said "no problem, I'd be glad to" without a quiver.  Then, I had a pretty rough week and the trembling began.  I wasn't sure how teaching high school students would contribute to maintaining my mental health.  So Monday morning, I show up, fully prepared for whatever was going to hit me.  NOT.  I was not prepared for students to self-correct, contribute positive comments 100% of the time, and really listen to the lesson.  I wondered what the REAL teacher had said to them.   On Tuesday, I arrived, forgetting to change from my cool, fun, but totally not outside the house, shoes and one of the girls said, "I love your shoes."  And I really don't think she was kidding me. 

(thank you Missy for making me at least LOOK cool)

Again, the class was totally on, contributing their thoughts and ideas and listening to what they read from the scriptures.  When Wednesday hummed around, so did I.  Each morning I gained a stronger testimony of what the scriptures offered as I shared with my class the cycle of pride.  Each evening as I read, I learned that we each fall into the cycle of Prosperity and Blessings, followed by Pride and Sin, then Chastisement, and with a listening ear on to Humility and Repentence.  I also learned that each DAY I fell into every part of this viscious cycle.  How grateful I am for the knocking door, so I could learn this pertinent information for myself and my family, including how to be repentent and humble without being chastised.  I'm sure I will continue to experience this lesson because perfection is not for the living and I am way into living.  And the living I experienced this week teaching seminary was worth getting up in the morning for and studying in the evening.  Before Friday, I knew that my life had been touched by the greatest and I'm happy for the blessings and fun I had, especially on game day.  My mental health was far improved, all calm on the homefront!  To reward the REAL teacher, I made her this bracelet:

(which I hope she knows means that I will willingly sub any time she wants me)

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