Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ice Cream??? Seriously???

This driver has no clue that we're going to have a few more weeks of winter.  He continues to drive around (this isn't his first pass) -  oblivious to the chill in the air, the wet cold clingy presence of winter which is undaunted by the fact that it's MARCH . . . IN FLORIDA!!!   

However, last week we planted the garden anyway.  And now, every day we go out to check and see if we have lettuce, beans, spinach, carrots, or herbs peaking out from under the dirt.  Or at least an indication that they will be there soon.  No such luck . .  yet.  After all, it's cold.  I love to garden even though I have the BLACKEST thumb ever.  We planted an entire strawberry patch one year and were blessed for 3 years with pretty, tiny, red thumbprints of berries.

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