Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Long Lasting Friendships

Twelve years.  That's a long time.  A long time to keep from doing something that you're drawn to do each of 365 days of those twelve years.   I'm so proud of my friend who has achieved 12 years of abstinence from her addiction.  To celebrate this huge achievement, I decided to make this necklace and earrings.  While I couldn't duplicate the NA symbol, I was able to take the color (black) and incorporate it.  Using 12 stones to symbolize the 12 steps (and 12 years), I played with the wire to link the stones together.  I really love how they turned out.  I also love that my friend and I celebrate our longer than average friendship and continue to grow in ways I never thought possible.

I like durable friendships.  The ones that weather through the tough idiosyncrocies of life and end up stronger and more in touch with reality.  After all, it's easy to be friends when . . . well, when it's easy.  The easy life - what is that?  When you get up in the morning (and have a bed to get up out of), eat breakfast (chosen from the plenty of food you have on hand), shower and dress (with the excellent supply of water and clothing), and then get in your car (which has plenty of gas) and know that God is on your side.  That's pretty easy.  The more difficult times require more hardy friends. 

PS  God is always on your side.

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