Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Olympics

They have officially begun.  As I watched the Opening Ceremonies tonight with my family, I was hopeful that my children would gain some appreciation of different cultures.  It was wonderful to view the dedication of those dancing.  They danced throughout the entrance of all 82 countries athletes and their support which took over an hour.  I grew tired just watching them.  Yet as the country flags continued to stream out of the entrance, I started to anticipate the show that Vancouver would put on and then the traditional lighting of the torch which signifies the beginning of the games.  And I stared in amazement at the light show, new dancing, beautiful singing, (and OK is KD Lang looking more and more like a man every day???), and knew that I would choose to do none of those things and I could love them anyway.  What a fantastic beginning.  Even though my children came in and out throughout the 3-hour opening, they did ask questions, they did learn a little about Canada and other countries too, and they did gain a smidge of culture knowledge.  I appreciated the glitch at the end, when the 4th of 4 arms which were to light the indoor torch failed to rise, the show continued; the torch runners improvised.  I was able to watch a perfectly planned event have an obvious problem and still be successful.  Yep, I really love the Olympics.  Sometimes, it really is great to have TV.  (Whodathunk that would come from me???)

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