Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mmmmm Mmmmm Good

Winn Dixie had a fantastic sale this week.  Ribs were $1.99/lb and that meant an early Valentine's Day treat for my menfolk.  I was singing all day as I thought how much the boys were going to love their parents come 6 o'clock.  At 10, I started preparing the rub and after reading the reviews, decided to modify the heat in this great recipe.  I also found this information to be really useful since I had only cooked ribs once or twice in my whole life.  Rubbing the spices into the meat was really fun, and I even let the littlest man help.  Two racks, rubbed and ready.  Mmmmm.  At about 1:30, after the meat had come to room temperature, it was time to stick them in the hot oven.  Since we have a small convection oven, we thought we'd try out two methods of cooking and see which we liked best; the everlasting home taste competitor's that we are.  Into the gas oven went one and a half racks, and into the convection oven went the last half.  At about 3, we began the spritz routine:  every half hour, squirt 'em with 4:1 apple juice and water, soaking them down.  Then the wonderful aroma started wafting through the house.  And the singing continued.  The aroma quickly became out of this world; the singing, not so much.  While we spritzed and smelled the air, we decided that sides were definitely in order.  The more sides, the more leftovers, or so we thought.  So at dinnertime, there was corn, tasty potato salad, homemade miniTexas toast, and baked beans.  and RIBS!  Plenty of beautiful, tasty, well cooked, fat rendered, sloppy with Sonny's (it won the family taste test) BBQ sauce RIBS!  Plenty!. . . or so we thought.  Then the young men came home.  With their big ole' appetites in tow. 

They smelled the delightful RIBS,
saw the sides, and started singing.

PS  Don't know if it was the convection oven, the hour longer in the convection oven, or the more marbled ribs, but the convection oven ribs won hands down and we even had ONE leftover rib.  What a teaser for later.  (I wonder who will find it first.) 

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