Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some Things Take Forever

So my sweet baby niece was born about 7 months ago and it has taken me this long to complete AND mail her blanket.   This is the Jaybird Quilts Hugs & Kisses pattern.  I love personalizing my work by adding a love note and date.  That's such an important addition to any art!

And since she has a sweet older brother, I couldn't leave him out! I love online tutorials for sewing and Make It and Love It provided a great tutorial.  I saw a few other ideas in my search that showed a couple of toy cars, too.  So I combined these great ideas and now he can carry crayons AND cars.  Spoil 'em rotten so they love you forever!


The Griner Family: said...

WOW! Those are incredible!!! The blanket is beautiful and I love the crayon/car holder perfect!! You should have taught me to sow more than just pjs!!:)

MamaLadyBug said...

Thank you! This is easy, peasy compared to those pjs!!!

Liz said...

Love both the quilt and the crayon/car holder!!! Nicely done!!!