Friday, August 24, 2012

Coming up Daisies

Time to do for someone else.  This sweet daisy is being shipped off to Krochet Krystal in NY for her charity blanket making.  You can see the blankets she has created using these blocks and even join in the fun.  She'll send the pattern if you pinky promise to only use it for charitable purposes (including giving it to your best friend or best friends baby). 


I must admit that I ripped it out at least 4 times before I got the beginning part correct, but since I plan on making many squares, I now know that I can do it right.

My love for daisies comes from my love for genealogy.  What??? you might ask.  What do daisies have to do with genealogy?  Ha!  My great grandmother's name is Daisy.  My grandmother's name is Pearl and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pearls and daisies together as a reminder that family is forever.  So in honor of my Great Grandmother Daisy, this square is only the beginning.

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Melissa said...

Your block worked up sweet! You had to rip back 4 times? Yikes!